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Go Green: Minimize Electricity And Hardware Obsolescence Costs

As opposed to having multiple eMenu tablets at each table and having to electrically charge these tablets constantly, your customers can place orders through their own mobile devices. This also minimizes the need for you to manage large number of eMenu tablet hardware when it becomes obsolete every 3-5 years.

Order In 'Q' / On-Site / Off-Site - Confirm At Table

Increase table turnaround and optimize manpower. Your customers can download BevEat mobile applications on Android or iOS mobile devices and start pre-ordering in the 'Q' / On-site / Off-site and confirm orders at their tables.

Integrated Point Of Sales (POS) Solution

BevEat will be more than happy to work with your current POS solution providers. This will enable you to have a fully integrated solution with minimal increase in hardware or infrastructure. Most importantly, you do not have to go through the hassle of changing POS solution providers. 

Shared Total Cost of Ownership

By allowing customers to order through their mobile devices, the total cost of ownership for the eMenu system is shared by customers and your business in a win-win relationship. Customers get to shorten their ordering time and your business gets to improve productivity cost effectively.