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BevEat partners special education (SPED) schools to train Persons-With-Disabilities (PWDs) to leverage on simplified IT backend in the F&B sector. BevEat's simplified IT backend lowers communication barriers for PWDs when they are employed in the F&B sector. BevEat provides free training and refresher courses for PWDs. Contact us to be a SPED school partner today. 

BevEat's SPED School Partners

1. Mountbatten Vocational School (MVS)

2. Delta Senior School (DSS)

At least 22% of BevEat's location-based profits from F&B, Retail&Services sectors are redistributed to Charities. Active usage of BevEat will be included in BevEat's profit redistribution formula to the following end-user nominated Charity sectors or Charities.

Profit-Plough-Back Beneficiaries

Special Education (SPED) School Partners

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